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Classic Rock



The Campaign To Stop Classic Rock Radio (TCTSCRR)

  Whether in sweet home, Alabama, or a hotel in California, if you tune in to the local classic rock station it's guaranteed that you'll hear the same limited selection of tunes from the same limited selection of artists.  But ain't that America, land of the three songs per artist on commercial radio: MUSICAL ICE CREAM.

  People eat ice cream when they're not hungry, just because it's sweet, comforting and available.  But remember, if you eat too much ice cream you get fat.  Same thing, musically speaking, when we listen to classic rock radio, all sitting in our cars getting fat listening to 'Whole Lotta Love', 'Crazy Train' or 'Another Brick in the Wall'.  Songs we've heard a million times but listen to again and again because they're comforting and available.

The proof - the pitiful quality of new rock bands.  These are kids who've got obese on classic rock and have the results of their liposuction broadcast on the same rock stations that filled them up with musical cherry garcia in the first place.  Too many complain about the fact that new rock bands don't have the vitality and originality of their predecessors, but we need to address the causes not the symptoms.

  All the bands featured on classic rock radio do have more than 2 or 3 tunes, but none of them get played.  But maybe the listeners aren't that dumb, maybe if we make an effort we could change things together.  Let's get some decent radio in the USA, let's encourage good new rock bands by putting an end to the dismal reign of classic rock radio.
    Please, please help: write or email your local classic rock station and let them know that you're turning them off until they stop playing musical chunky monkey and start to play some interesting, different rock music.

If you have any comments, or if you would like to help TCTSCRR, please email us at

Sample letter

Here is a cut-and-paste example of what you could write to your local ice-cream jock:

"- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Boring Classic Rock Station,

Please never play again: Sweet Home Alabama, Paranoid, Freebird, The Boys Are Back In Town, Whole Lotta Love, Rock n Roll, Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, Back In Black, Highway To Hell, Hotel California, War Pigs, Iron Man, Crazy Train, Jessica, Take It Easy, Runnin With The Devil, Why Can't This Be Love, One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer, I Drink Alone, Small Town, Ain't That America, Paradise City, Sweet Child Of Mine, Sweet Emotion, Dude Looks Like A Lady, Another Brick In The Wall, Comfortably Numb, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Carry On My Wayward Son, More Than a Feeling, Don't Stop Believin, Cocaine, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Layla, Bohemian Rhapsody, Play That Funky Music, Life In The Fast Lane, I Shot The Sheriff, Logical Song, Like A Rolling Stone, Hey Joe, Crosstown Traffic, Double Vision, Stairway to Heaven, Honky Tonk Women.

I'm sick of your musical ice cream - play something else by these artists and find some new ones while you're at it!





PS: You have one less listener!

On behalf of: The Campaign To Stop Classic Rock Radio (TCTSCRR)


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