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Copies of the following publications are available on request.


  •  Principles in Quality Assurance. Part 2: Don’t Hide Behind The Regulations. Jones AB. Quality Assurance Journal, 2003;7(1):In Press.

  • Principles in Quality Assurance. Part 1: Sink or Swim. Jones AB. Quality Assurance Journal, 2002;6(4):219-225.  

  • Comparison of the pharmacokinetics of 17b-estradiol after a single 4-day application of Oesclim 50, Oesclim 100 and Vivelle 0.05 (Menorest 50) transderrmal delivery systems. Guichard JP, Sauron R and Jones AB. J Clin Pharmacol 1999;39:811-816.

  • Determination of in vitro dextromethorphan permeability: comparison with in vivo absorption measured by pharmacoscintigraphy. Ball C, Hildago IJ, Jones AB et al. Minutes, European Symposium, In vitro and ex vivo test systems to rationalize drug design and delivery, Editions de Santé, 1994:301-304.

  • GLP as part of a quality improvement programme. Jones AB. Laboratory of the Government Chemist, VAM Bulletin, 1992;8:8-10.

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