67 E. Copper St. - home to Henry J. Doyle and friends.

The picture with the red brick building is actually on North Wyoming. Behind it to the left in the picture, there is a little pink house. It's address is 75 E. Copper. Further to the left (west) in the picture you will see a dark gray house. It's address is 31 E. Copper. Therefore, 67 E. Copper had to have been between the two. You will notice that there is quite a empty space between the two.

This photograph shows the junction of E. Copper St., North Wyoming and Arizona St.

Turning to the right (East) is the Anaconda Road that leads up to the Kelly Mine, and also the chain link fence is the west edge of the Berkeley Pit. The Berkeley Pit was an open pit mine that closed in the early 1980s. It is now filled and still filling with copper water. 

Butte, Montana with Wakerville in the background.

Between 31 and 75 E Copper St., Butte, Montana.

Butte, Montana - the storm clouds are gathering.

Looking east from Butte, Montana.

Between 31 and 75 E Copper St., Butte, Montana.

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