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10. The Wedding


A new year, a new life

"In good times and bad times in sickness and health
may they know that riches are not needed for wealth
and help them face problems they'll meet on their way
Oh god bless this couple who married today"
Ian Betteridge

On December 30, 1919 he married a local farmer’s daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Rogers, from Moneydarragh. As Henry J. entered his first year of marriage and his new life - time was running out for the miners of Butte. 

Sarah Elizabeth Rogers, from Moneydarragh and Henry J. Doyle from Kilkeel.  Miners of Mourne, Mourne Mountains, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, mining in Butte, Montana.

Perhaps as he sat with Sarah Elizabeth, in their home on Newcastle St., Kilkeel he read of the strike that resulted in the "Bloody Wednesday" massacre of April 21, 1920. The riot and the killings took place on Anaconda Road, just yards from Henry’s old boarding house on East Copper St.  Finally in May 1920, the Company banned I.W.W. members from the mines. Signs were posted that read
 "No member of I.W.W. will be employed at this property."
Sarah’s brother, Patrick Joseph Rogers, who had worked and boarded with Henry J. in Butte, chose to stay in the United States.  After quitting the mine, he headed to the Ford Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan.  But that’s another story for another time………..  


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