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Reader's Comments

Reader's Comments

 Comments received by email.
Your account of your grandfather's life in Butte is fascinating.  I have a mind that hoards odd bits of geographical notation, amidst which is the phrase 'Butte, Montana'.  Now I know a bit more about it, and am fascinated to know that so many people from the area where I live ended up in that locality.


I like how you have presented your site very attractive and a good name, too.  I have friends who live in one of the coastguard cottages in Kilkeel must show them your site.


Congratulations of your website.  I shall put it in my favorite places and with your approval print it up for my Aunt who was born in County Down and left it to come to America in 1929 at the age of seven.  WE recently returned to Ireland with her for the first time in fifty years and it was fascinating for her to revisit the churches, some friends who remembered her, and relatives descended from the miners of Mourne.


Thank you for your presentation.


Thank you for putting together this website.  Part of my Irish family went to Butte.  My gr aunt was married in Helena in 1905.  Her husband was in mining.  I've just recently reconnected with the cousins who still live in the area.   I noticed that you also have a Detroit connection.


I certainly enjoyed the story. I am from Montana and did not know there was so much information about Butte on the Internet.  Good work.


A native of San Diego, California, and great-grandson of an Irish immigrant, I spend my idle hours looking for connections. Your story of the Irish miners of Butte is well told. I visited Butte last summer, took photographs from the memorial to the  Speculator fire. I see two spellings on your page, and quite frankly do  not remember the correct name, so forgive me if I err. In any case, the history is compelling, and as one of your readers observed, how little  we know that our government does not want us to know.  Part of the story you do not tell is the aftermath of Anaconda. Rumored to be the world's largest toxic disaster in the making, the mountain is  leaking toxic wastes at a prodigious rate. At some point one of two  things will happen, 1) most unlikely, something sensible will be done to  correct the situation. This costs a LOT of money, and without the prod  of a major disaster, it won't happen; 2) a major social and ecological  disaster. If there are lists of miners available on your site, or on the web, would you include a pointer to them?


You've done a wonderful job setting up your website and it was easy to navigate.  I liked the little poems at the top of the page too. I'm sure that you enjoyed setting it up and adding to it in the future and that your relatives are appreciative. 


Hi from a descendent of a Mourne-Butte Miner. Both my grandfather and my uncle mined in Butte on one side of the family and my uncle from the other. I would love to find a way to attach or link to your site when I get my own genealogy a bit less tentative. It should be a fun way expand the history of both Montana and County Down. My family is from the hills between Warrenpoint and Rostrevor. I am sending your site to Ireland and Scotland to family there tomorrow. I know they will be glad to see it.

Thanks for your work and sharing.


I visited Butte in 1999 and was most impressed with the archival records and historical interest of the city itself. Your pictures and narrative most accurately reflect the spirit of those times; the conflict between labor and management; the wartime "hysteria" and the socialistic menace of the IWW.  Thanks for taking the initiative to explore this fascinating aspect of our country and Montana's history.


I took a look at your site- well done.


Great web site. If you have not read The Irish in Butte, you should. It is all about Anaconda. I can not remember the exact date is covered. I was looking for my Fitzgerald - Courtney relatives who arrived in Butte in 189X.


You've done a wonderful job on the website, Fiona. 


I have just been reading your very well researched account of your grandfather's mining exploits in Butte - a place of which I'd not formerly heard, so it has left me considerably the wiser, but doesn't it go to show (in view of the present political climate and crisis with Iraq) just how little we as society actually learn and how much governments, unions and the like have to answer for.  Apart from material things and the manner in which we might go about our everyday business according to customs or fashions of the day, people certainly do not change!

But particularly well done for integrating your grandfather's story into its historical and geographical settings - something which I always try to do with my family history.  For someone interested in finding out about particular events or locations in history, for whatever purpose - maybe for a magazine article - websites like this should be so useful in adding human interest to known facts (i.e. from historical documents, newspaper reports, etc.) and more particularly where there is little known surviving historical documentation.  Nowadays just entering a keyword should result in finding far more relevant material than in the pre-internet days of library catalogues and indexes.  I wonder, though, how often these sites are still overlooked, except by people actively researching their respective family history?  Hopefully 'The Miners of Mourne' will be accessible along many different lines of enquiry.


This is a great piece of work Fiona,

I will put a link to your site, at the top of my Kilkeel page.


I really enjoyed reading your web pages on the Miners of Mourne. They are really interesting and very well laid out. Congratulations on a job well done!


Your web page looks great.   Would you mind if I link your page from the Butte-Silver Bow Genealogy website?  I think it would make interesting reading for those who are interested in  Butte history.



Just took a tour of your new site, and I am very impressed!

What a wonderful job you have done, and how nicely you have done it.  The sequence of historical events and the way you have tied them into  your ancestors is perfect! You inspire me to try to do the same for my ancestors. I enjoyed your links, and think that they are very appropriate and add nicely to your theme. My old eyes would appreciate just a bit larger type on the poems etc. at the tops of the pages, it would just make them easier to read.  I went to a couple of your sources and looked around. Very good documentation and very interesting.

Thank you for a fine site and for interesting information on the history of Butte mining.




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